in the blink of an eye (mentalhopscotch) wrote,
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wow this is such an amazing version of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze"... god I love Kronos Quartet.

We picked our casts for the show today. I like mine, however I'm worried about one girl and what i'm going to do with her because she can't really dance. I'll just have to work around it.

I'm starting a collection of preppy-girl artwork on my wall. You know, when preppy girls make your name in bubble letters and outline it and color it all in. I've never been able to do preppy girl artwork. But Lydia gave me the cutest one today at lunch! It made me feel special.

i went to the doctor today for my stuffed and itchy nose and he gave me more medicines. then i drove through the pouring down rain and traffic for an hour to get to rehearsal and i was late and only ran it once and i was so pissed off. i am so tired of shit like this happening every day, to the point where it makes me almost have a fucking nervous breakdown. am i the only person who can't handle this, or is my head just all fucked up and i can't deal?
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