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my car stereo was jacked today. as well as $900 worth of cd's. ALL in my school's fucking parking garage. you can bet i am upset, wouldn't you? you all know how much music means to you, it's not just oh it's a cd it's goddamn fucking music. so if anyone would please please help me in replacing them and could burn me a cd or two i would really appreciate it... i will be in your gratitude for forever & ever... email me for my address.

.hole- live through this, celebrity skin, pretty on the inside
.offspring- smash
.sneaker pimps- bloodsport, becoming x
.portishead- dummy
.rage against the machine- the battle of los angeles
.rasputina- thanks for the ether, how we quit the forest
.sublime- sublime, second hand smoke
.jesus and the mary chain- stoned & dethroned
.me'shell ndegeocello- plantation lullabies
.soul coughing- ruby vroom
.the vines- highly evolved
.elastica- the menace
.moby- play
.david bowie- little earthling
.no doubt- no doubt, tragic kingdom, return of saturn
.songs in the key of x [x-files]
.the x-files: the album
.coldplay- a rush of blood to the head
.jazzanova- in between
.bjork- telegram, vespertine, debut, homogenic
.switchblade symphony- serpentine gallery, bread & jam for frances
.the mighty mighty bosstones- let's face it
.supreme beings of leisure- supreme beings of leisure
.the shins- oh, introverted world
.boom boom sattellites- out loud
.smashing pumpkins- mellon collie and the infinite sadness
.the matrix soundtrack
.jimi hendrix experience: smash hits
.the chemical brothers- surrender
.fiona apple- when the pawn
.basement jaxx- remedy
.the white stripes- white blood cells
.aphrodite- a coupla tricks, urban jungle
.the hives- veni vedi vicious
.radiohead- pablo honey, the bends, ok computer, kid a, amnesiac
.the cranberries- no need to know
.tori amos- little earthquakes, to venus and back

so, there you have it... a list of all my cd's that i have empty cases for. even if you are someone i don't know or don't talk to... i would really appreciate any help... because i don't know what to do. it's like, here i am, finally getting my life back together and they something that is one of the most important things in my life taken away.
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Deleted comment

yeah... you know i am not a racist person, but right now i wish i could blow those fucking projects up with all the goddamn scumbags inside. i feel like my heart has been ripped out by someone without a face.

anyways... yeah i know you have some of the same cd's i do, thank god you at least have those two! you want to know something strange? like right as i was walking to my car, i thought, what if someone stole me stereo? i open my door, lo and behold, there is a big hole where my cd player should be. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. i am furious.

damn man, that sucks. i'm sorry hun. i looked at ur list and didn't see any albums i have, but if u need anything else lemme know.


October 28 2002, 16:13:33 UTC 14 years ago

if you were closer, I would send no doubt and the vines...but I'm in AZ and I think they'd melt or stupid postal people would break 'em.
hehe... no, i've had cd's sent to me from california so i am sure they would be fine. :D email me because i don't know who you are...!
I can send you some stuff. It will probably sound eerily like whatever I'm listening to currently, but I could probably get the Fiona Applage that you need as well.

Oof. That's rough.
thank you zach... so so much. i think you have my address? email me if you don't...
It should be upstairs somewhere. Now I just need to find stamps.